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6th Sense Lures

We are excited by the addition of four new 6th Sense Lures crankbaits and jerkbaits to our online store. These bass baits are designed for bass and we have found them to be highly effective in Northern New Jersey and adjacent states lakes and streams.

Crush Mini 25MD a 6th Sense crankbait.The 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD is a crankbait for finesse cranking for those tough, hard to catch days. It has a targeted depth of 4-7ft. 

Provoke 106DD a 6th Sense jerkbait

The 6th Sense Lures Provoke 106DD is a medium to deep diving (4-7 ft) jerkbait for early spring and late fall bass fishing.

Provoke 106X a 6th Sense jerkbait

 The 6th Sense Lures Provoke 106X dives 3-6 feet in shallow to medium baits for early spring and late fall bass fishing.

6th-sense-snatch-70-blog-300x60A versatile lipless 6th Sense Snatch 79X is a crankbait for tough cover that can be fished through most covers and around structure. 



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